Admissions Process

For more information or our admission guidelines, please contact the school at

The admissions process begins in January with a pre-registration period for currently enrolled students. After the currently enrolled students are given an opportunity to register for the new school year, former students who are returning to Istanbul are registered. The third group to register are those that are on the wait list.

In mid-February, any remaining open spaces are available to the general expat community in Istanbul.

During the registration process each year, all students (returning and new) are required to complete a registration form for the new school. These forms are kept in the business office and used for the purpose of calculating tuition costs.

New students are required to complete a "New Student Application Form" before officially being admitted to IGA. The Admissions Committee has final approval over all students.

Students who do not speak English as their first (native) language are required to take an English proficiency exam before an admission decision is made. Because of the rigor of the academic program, ESL students are expected to have a high level of English before being admitted to IGA. The registration fee for any student that registers but does not meet the ESL entrance requirements will be returned.