SAT Announcement

Due to school closures across Istanbul, the SAT scheduled for Saturday, March 12th has been postponed to the makeup date of Saturday, March 26th. Registrants may show up on that date according to regular procedures.



Demonstrate academic skills and competency; well rounded in the liberal arts; developing the ability to think...
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Demonstrate a respect for themselves and appreciation for others without discrimination or prejudice; cultivating...
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Actively engage with and positively influence the community both inside and outside the school, aware of...
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IGA Accreditation

Student Life

IGA Alumni Profiles


Andrew Mitra

Class of 2013, Rice University, Texas

Hannah Samuel

Class of 2008, Hardin-Simmons Psychology; currently working as a stay-at-home mom to her son, Levi

Jacinth Koh

Class of 2009, Singapore

Sinae Kim

Class of 2013, International Relations, Bilkent University
"After graduating from IGA, I went to Bilkent University in Ankara. My department is International Relations. It is my last semester here; I will be finishing university a semester earlier than my colleagues. Currently I am applying to masters programs in Europe, and I plan to work for 6 months in Turkey (from February till August), after which I will decide whether to continue my studies through a graduate program, or whether to continue working."

Jeremy Bradley

Class of 2014 - McMaster University, Canada
I went to McMaster University in Canada to study mechanical engineering and management.

Jun Hee Kim

Class of 2016 - Bioengineering, Korea University

Joungbin An

Class of 2015, Yonsei University, Intergrated Engineering
"I went to Yonsei University and I'm currently studying Integrated Science and Engineering!"

Tamer Madrigal

Class of 2005 - Attended Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey to study Medicine
"Since my special journey with IGA ended (I was the first person to go through the entire available IGA system from kindergarten until the highest grade available!), I completed my secondary school studies at Black Forest Academy. Next came med school in Istanbul, and just this year I completed a family practice residency in the States.”

Julie Ahn

Class of 2010 - Attended Claremont McKenna College in Southern California
After working abroad for a few years, she has started a doctorate program at Yale University

Ha Eun Kim

Class of 2012, Seoul National University

Tim Yan Law

Class of 2011

Emily Yount

Class of 2010 - Attended Vanderbilt University in Tennessee and studied Human and Organizational Development. She was awarded a prestigious fellowship (Michael B. Keegan Travelling Fellowship) for post-graduate study and travel. After completing a Master’s in Social Work, she plans to settle in Washington D.C.
"I went to Vanderbilt University for undergrad. I'm now in my second year of graduate school to get my Masters degree in Social Work and I'm working with children and youth who have experienced trauma."

Samuel Engblom

Class of 2012 -
"I went to Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, to study Electrical Engineering and Physics. [Currently] in Bozeman, finishing up my degrees at MSU while also working on laser electronics for a company called Quantel USA."

Joy Ahn

Class of 2015 -
Currently attending the University of Southern California and studying Pharmacy


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