Mission & Vision

IGA has a VISION to develop wise and healthy individuals who use their academic proficiency and spiritual character to engage with and influence society.

As an international K-12 university preparatory school, IGA has a holistic philosophy of education aiming to educate the head, heart and hands of the individual student.

Our mission and vision are driven by a set of core values, we believe that to deliver our vision we should:

1. Be governed by a board made up of parents
2. Adhere to Turkish Ministry of Education regulations.
3. Encourage an atmosphere of respect and involvement with the local community and culture.
4. Maintain academic excellence within context of the school’s philosophy.
5. Provide individual attention in an atmosphere of mutual care evident between teachers, students and families.
6. Commit to a program of curriculum development, evaluation and improvement in order for the curriculum to reflect the international character of the school .
7. Require parental involvement and partnership.
8. Employ teaching and administrative staff with strong moral and ethical values
9. Provide staff benefits in order to promote continuity in the educational program.
10. Provide a sustainable and affordable education to the target community.
11. Ensure accountability in accordance with best practices and guidelines for non-profits.
12. Set tuition and fees that correspond to the actual costs of operating and developing the school.
13. Provide a secure and functional school facility that meets the present needs of the school as well as providing for future growth.