Bus Services

In common with most schools in Istanbul, International Gateway Academy organizes servis bus transportation from many areas of the city for students who would otherwise have difficulty getting to school.

The school uses a professional transportation company for our bus services. The company provides us with the requisite safety certificates for all of their vehicles and maintains them according to the Ministry of Educations safety requirements. In addition to the driver every bus has a chaperone, on some services this is a member of our teaching staff and on others a hostess provided by the company.

The routes vary from year to year depending on the changing needs of our families. Each year families are asked to register for the service before the school year begins. The Servis bus company then uses the registrations to organize the routes according to the locations of the families.

All payments are made direct to the company by bank transfer. Pricing is kept in line with the tariffs set by the Ministry of education, but some variations will occur because of the late announcement of costs by the Ministry each year.