“IGA has blessed our family by giving quality education and caring teachers for our children.” -G.T.

“IGA teachers work with the unique needs of each student to encourage creative learning strategies- I love this!” -K.W.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to get involved ourselves 100% in our job while we can rest assured that our kids get a high quality education.” –Anonymous

(At IGA, our) “…kids are happy. Every day they say, “I’ll go to school!” –Anonymous

“We heard so many great things about IGA that we moved across the country so we could come here and the kids love it!” -Ginger Z.

“Four of my five children have been studying at IGA and as a mother, I am grateful to the school for creating an environment where the children can thrive intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.” –U.B.

“IGA makes our children like schooling, education and more important, that makes them love people… Thank you.” T.Y.

“My son has never been happier. Thank you, IGA for providing an educational environment where he can thrive!” -T.F.

“IGA is an awesome school. My children have grown academically during their time at IGA…” -C.H.

“Each of my three boys have said that IGA is the best school they have attended. The sports, drama and music opportunities have challenged and stretched my kids; but most of all they each turned a corner academically when they started attending IGA. As parents we are very thankful for a top quality education!” –C.B.